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Projects Review

Guy F. Atkinson Construction, LLC
A company of The Clark Construction Group, Inc.

Dam and Hydroelectric Projects: Applying award-winning innovation, Atkinson Construction has successfully completed over 80 of the world`s largest dams, using concrete, earthfill, and roller-compacted concrete methods.

7-Mile Dam, British Columbia: Concrete gravity dam, 215 feet high and 1,140 feet long. Excavation for and construction of north and south gravity sections, power intakes and 5-bay spillway; excavation for spillway channel and approach; fabrication and installation of steel penstocks; installation of hoist house for spillway gates and monorail hoist runway.
 Guri Hydroelectric Project, Caroni River, Venezuela: Concrete gravity dam, increasing its size from 348 feet to 532 feet high and from 2,772 feet to 4,314 feet long, and construction of 8,050-MW, 10-unit powerhouse together involving concrete placement of 8,280,000 cubic yards; installation and testing of turbine-generators.
 Macagua II Hydroelectric Project, Coroni River, Venezuela: Construction of two powerhouses, one 12-unit 2,352-MW, the other a 2-unit 138-MW, as well as 12-gate spillway, concrete gravity dam and intake structures fronting the powerhouses, concrete non-overflow transition structures, visitors` center, and control room.
 Brantley Dam, Pecos River, New Mexico: Construction of a 110-foot-high, 3.9-mile-long earthen dam with 9,575,000 cubic yards of fill; a 112-foot-high, 730-foot-long concrete gravity dam containing  92,350 cubic yards of concrete; and a 350-foot-wide gated spillway with six 50 x 25-foot radial gates.

Robert C. Byrd Locks, Ohio River, West Virginia: Construction of two concrete lock chambers, one 110 x 1,200 feet and the other 110 x 600, complete with miter and emergency gates, lock filling and emptying system, upper and lower approach walls, two concrete gauging stations, buildings, access road, and bridge.

Grand Coulee Dam, Columbia River, Washington: Construction of concrete gravity dam, 550 feet high and 4,173 feet long, 11,200,000 cubic yards. Joint venture manager, foundation (5,400,000 cubic yards); joint venture partner, superstructure (5,800,000 cubic yards).

Colbun Dam, Rio Maule, Chile: Construction of earthfill dam 380 feet high and 1,788 feet long containing over 17 million cubic yards of fill, diversion cofferdam, bottom outlet, spillway and three minor dikes, and supply and erection of sluice gates and diffuser valve in the diversion tunnels.

Eastside Reservoir--West Dam, Saddle Dam, and Forebay, Hemet, California: 60,000,000-cubic-yard earth and rockfill dam 1.7 miles long and 285 feet high, 2,600,000-cubic-yard saddle dam 0.5 miles long and 130 feet high, and inlet/outlet works.

The Dalles Dam, Columbia River, Oregon and Washington: Construction of 260-foot-high, 8,875-foot-long concrete earth and fill dam, locks, and powerhouse bays.

McNary Dam, Columbia River, Oregon and Washington: Construction of 183-foot-high, 7,365-foot-long concrete and earthfill dam. Total project, six contracts.

Mangla Dam, Jhelum River, Pakistan: Joint venture management, 380-foot-high, 10,300-foot-long earthfill dam.

New Don Pedro Dam, Tuolumne River, California: Power and irrigation earthfill dam, 103 feet high, 31,500 feet long, 37,000,000 cubic yards of fill.

Mica Dam, Columbia River, British Columbia: Power earth and rockfill dam, 794 feet high, 2,600 feet long, 42,000,000 cubic yards of fill


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